New Forest House Prices up an average of 5% on 2016

New Forest House Prices

New Forest House Prices up an average of 5% on 2016

With an overall average price of £399,392 across the region, the New Forest property market was buoyant throughout 2016, with New Forest house prices continuing to rise as demand outweighed supply.  Property owners in the New Forest will always feel the benefit of having a national park on their doorstep, but prices do vary across the region. So how are property prices performing in its towns and villages?


What’s happening to New Forest House Prices…



Properties in Bransgore increased 4% over the past year, with the average detached property selling for £497,366 and flats for £256,795. Currently it is still more expensive to purchase in Bransgore than nearby Highcliffe or Burton.



With an average sale price of £626,034 Brockenhurst properties increased by 3% during 2016. With over 60 properties sold in the last year, Brockenhurst remains a popular area and one of the more expensive areas of the New Forest.



Staggeringly Burley property prices rose by 48% during 2016, with an overall average house price of £937,880, making it the most expensive village in the New Forest.



With over 100 properties sold last year, Fordingbridge was a busy market place although prices have remained on a par with previous years. The majority of sales were detached properties with an average price of £349,026.



Enjoying an impressive 15% increase in sold prices during the last year, Lyndhurst is increasingly becoming one of the more expensive areas of the New Forest. Detached properties sold for an average of £600,689, semi-detached homes for £368,100 and flats £210,1333.



The market town of Ringwood has seen house prices remain fairly static over the past few years. However, prices remain higher than Fordingbridge with the average detached property selling for an average of £472,544. Whilst prices have remained stable it has been a busy property market with over 250 properties sold in 2016.



The average sale price in Sway in 2016 was £525,509; a significant 7% increase on the previous year and 10% on 2013 property prices. With 53 properties sold in the last year, the majority of were detached homes selling for an average of £572,189. During 2016 property prices in Sway were more expensive than Lymington and nearby Hordle.


Forecast for New Forest House Prices

House prices are expected to continue rising throughout 2017, and whilst they are not expected to be record breaking, in popular areas such as the New Forest demand will continue to outstrip supply. Although it is the most expensive national park in the UK, you can be confident that it will continue to be popular with first and second home owners, who are willing to pay a premium for the lifestyle that comes with living in the New Forest.


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