What happens at a valuation with Fells New Forest Property

Step 1 – Introduction and Property Walkthrough

First we will do the property walkthrough, we find it beneficial if you can provide us with a guided tour and we can have a really good look around to make sure we know exactly what your property has to offer. We may have some additional questions following this to ensure we provide you with a realistic and reliable valuation.


Step 2 – Outline of Process

Next our valuation meeting will proceed with a Q&A. There are specific things that we need to know about your property and your circumstances. You may also have some questions for us about the process, or about whether you need to make any beneficial changes to your home to make it more saleable. This is a chance for us to get to know you and your property and vice versa.


Step 3 – Price

Once we have completed our walkthrough and discussed your particular situation and requirements we will have a very clear idea of the value of your home. We use our expert local knowledge to give you a correct valuation, so that you have a realistic expectation for the sale price of your home.


Our valuations take into account several factors including, the size and age of your property, the accommodation it offers, its fixtures and features, its construction and state of repair and its location and nearby amenities.


We are very careful not to provide false hope with over inflated valuations, which can be detrimental to the selling process and leave you disappointed if your home is difficult to sell.  


Step 4 – Selling Your Property Process

Before we finish our meeting we will explain what the next steps will be, should you decide to sell your property with us, and give you an overview of our service and fees. Remember you can ask us questions too, this will help us tailor our service to meet your needs.


We don’t expect you to sign up with us at the end of this meeting. It is important that you take some time to think about what we have discussed, and call us if you have any further questions before you make your final decision.


We are not a ‘one size fits all’ agent, and we conduct our business with the expertise you would expect from professionals who have years of experience within their local areas.

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