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 Estate Agents

Estate Agents

There are many ways to sell a property, you could sell it at auction or on an on-line site, or you could consider selling a property yourself. Although this can seem a cheaper option, there is a good reason why most people don’t pursue the onerous task of selling a property themselves. Most will find that engaging good estate agents is the best way to reach as many potential buyers as possible, secure a timely sale and maximise the best price.

Potential problems

We all know there is a daunting list of things that can go wrong during a sale – offers can be withdrawn; contracts get delayed; surveys throw up problems; chains break down and stress levels rise!
Choosing the right estate agent to market your home can make a difference, not only to the price, but also to the entire experience. A good agent who understands the property market is worth their weight in gold when it comes to selling your home.

A good estate agent can be your property consultant; they will be able to advise you on the local property market, the best time to sell your home and will be able to value your property accurately.

Everyone will want to sell their house for its maximum value – and all too often estate agents are chosen purely on the basis of whichever gives the biggest initial valuation. This can be a big mistake. Always remember that an overpriced house will put off some potential buyers before they’ve even viewed the property.

Estate agents & what to expect

Once you instruct an estate agent, this is what you can expect them to provide:

• Estimate the value of your property and provide a marketing appraisal for your home
• Write property details and arrange for photographs to be taken
• Market and promote the property for sale online, in local press and on the high street
• Represent the sellers in negotiation with prospective buyers
• Monitor sales as they proceed and liaise with all interested parties including, solicitors, surveyors and other estate agents.
• Make sure that the price agreed is acceptable to the seller and buyer
• Keep abreast with trends in the relevant property market.

One you have established some interest, your estate agent will be able to advise you on the following:

• Is a first time buyer?
• Part of a chain and if so, how complex is the chain?
• Is the buyer paying cash or needing to get a mortgage?
• Do they want to move at the same time as you?

Estate agents & local amenities

There are many things that can drive up the price of a property. One of the most important things is the area it’s situated in. How close it is to good transport links, schools and parks will all have an effect on the selling price.

Estate agents & home improvements

There are many personal factors that will influence the asking price and saleability of a property. Almost any improvements that have been made to a property will push up the value, particularly if they’ve been done to a high specification. At the top end, this can be an addition such as a swimming pool, tennis courts or personal gym. Even something as simple as keeping period features will add value to a property. Your estate agent will take these improvements into account when valuing your home.

Estate agents and aesthetics

It’s really important to show your home to its best advantage. It’s essential to keep the property clean, tidy and well maintained. Houses with good views, especially with a sea view often command a slightly higher price. A good estate agent will be happy to advise you on the best way to present your home to prospective buyers. This may be carrying out small changes like a fresh coat of paint, de-cluttering a room, making some minor repairs or giving your property more ‘Curb Appeal’.

Estate agents & potential to improve

The potential to be able to improve or extend a property will also help with the price. There will be a premium on properties that can be altered in such a way as to add a bedroom or an additional bathroom, even having space to build a garage will add a value to the property. An experienced estate agent will be able to draw attention to a property’s potential.

Estate agents & property viewings

As a vendor, you will be concerned about the safety of allowing strangers into your home. An experienced agents will ensure viewers supply an email and postal address and where relevant will do background checks to ensure they are genuine house-hunters. They will also carry out viewing for you, so that you will not loose valuable time showing people around your property.

Estate agents & accepting the offer

Once you have accepted an offer, it is worth remembering that there is nothing in law to prevent you from changing your mind and accepting a higher offer from someone else. You should also bear in mind that when an offer is made and you have accepted it, the potential buyer can also withdraw, for example, they may not receive a mortgage offer, or the survey may show up some structural problems that will need attention. A good estate agent will have vetted potential purchasers before they make an offer to ensure they are in a position to proceed with a sale. This will make sure valuable time and money is not wasted especially when finance can be a particular stumbling block. With a cash deal a good agent will get you proof that in principle the buyer has the cash or liquid assets to finance it.

Estate agents & exchange of contracts

When contracts are exchanged, and before completion, the buyer may wish to visit the property, for example, to measure up for carpets or to get an estimate for building work.
You should inform the utility companies and telephone/internet suppliers that you are moving and ask for final readings to be made on completion day.
If the buyer is paying a deposit, this will be paid to your solicitor at exchange of contracts. The solicitor will hold this deposit until completion.

Estate agents & completion

You must arrange to leave the property empty by completion day and to hand over all the keys. This normally happens at 12.00 noon on completion day.
Your solicitor will receive the rest of the purchase price from the buyer and will pass this, together with the deposit, to you.
A good agent will always get as many interested parties to come and see your house in person as possible and will represent you at all stages of the negotiations.

As a company we provide a service to the entire New Forest district which includes the following locations. ASHURST, BARTON ON SEA, BEAULIEU, BROCKENHURST, BURLEY, EXBURY & LEPE, FORDINGBRIDGE, HYTHE, LYMINGTON, LYNDHURST, MILFORD ON SEA, NEW MILTON, RINGWOOD, SWAY

Removal Companies & Selling Your Property

Once you have exchanged contracts and been given a completion date, there’s no time to lose.

If you intend to use a professional removal company, start selecting one well in advance. The British Association of Removers (BAR) will have a list of companies in your area. Alternatively, you can contact your estate agent for a recommendation.

Ideally get two or three quotations based on a thorough inspection of your entire house, including the garage, loft and garden. Make sure you remember to mention any items that may need to be picked up from elsewhere. Remember that removal firms don’t usually accept responsibility for any damage to items, that they have not packed themselves.

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