Friday 11th March 2022

Job Relocation: What you need to consider if you’re moving out of Ringwood & the New Forest

Landing the perfect job is a dream for most, but what if that opportunity is in a different part of the country? Or abroad?  If this is the case, relocation...

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Friday 4th March 2022

International Women’s Day: Let’s Celebrate Four Influential Brits

To mark International Women’s Day next Tuesday, we look at four British women who made history in their respective fields. A three-minute, fantastic females-themed read. They may not be household...

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Wednesday 9th February 2022

Quick Fixes to Attract More Buyers to Your Home

In this two-minute read, we look at some of the things that may be putting buyers off (that you can easily fix).  So, you’re keen to sell your home in...

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Thursday 3rd February 2022

What Ringwood & New Forest Buyers and Sellers Need to Know about Compromise

This two-minute read looks at the, sometimes inevitable, part compromise plays in many property transactions. When it comes to buying a home, there’s a word that buyers don’t like to...

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Wednesday 26th January 2022

What Will the Homes of 2050 Look Like?

Star Trek fans, look away now. “It’s a home, Jim, but not as we know it.” The original phrase (we’ve replaced life with a home) didn’t even feature in the...

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Friday 14th January 2022

How to Keep Your Houseplants Happy

This three-minute read looks at the benefits of cultivating houseplants and how to get started. Houseplants add colour and freshness to work and living spaces – and deliver a host...

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Wednesday 12th January 2022

How Homeowners Can Beat the Blue Monday Moods

In this two-minute read, we share how homeowners thinking of selling can avoid feeling down in the dumps on the year’s most depressing day. Next Monday is, according to social...

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Friday 7th January 2022

How Ringwood & New Forest Residents Can Save on Energy Costs

This two-minute read looks at how to trim down your energy bills. Householders were hit with budget-busting energy price hikes in 2021 – a trend that looks set to continue...

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Wednesday 5th January 2022

Advice for Selling Up Due to a Divorce

This three-minute read looks at the property-related issues that arise after a relationship breaks down. A survey of 2,000 Brits found that there’s only one thing more stressful than getting divorced...

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Friday 17th December 2021

What to Do Before Selling a Buy-To-Let

In this two-minute read, we look at the implications of selling a buy-to-let property.  If you’re a landlord looking to downsize your property portfolio, you may be thinking about selling...

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