Monday 20th November 2023

Should You Sell Your Home? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Are you pondering whether to sell your home? With the property market constantly changing, it’s natural to wonder if now is the right time.  To help you decide, we’ve crafted...

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Saturday 11th November 2023

Spray Foam Insulation: Why It’s Risky and Could Impact the Sale of Your Home

Insulating your home is generally a good way to cut back on energy bills and add value to your property. But there’s one type of insulation that could cause structural...

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Thursday 26th October 2023

How to Sell in a Tougher Property Market

Remember those post-lockdown days when selling a property was as easy as putting it on a property portal and waiting for the phone to ring off the hook?  Those days...

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Monday 16th October 2023

Myth-Busting Valuations: An Honest Guide for Homeowners

In this quick read, we delve into the importance of accurate valuations – and how to price your property with precision.  Don’t be tricked into high listing prices The saying...

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Monday 25th September 2023

The Best Time to List Your Home When You’re Looking to Move

If your dreams of buying a new home rely on the sale of your existing property, then there’s one fundamental question you need to answer. Are you going to look...

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Friday 1st September 2023

Want to Celebrate Christmas in Your New Home? Then Act Now

Unless you’re one of those super-organised types who spend the year secretly buying stocking fillers and stashing them under your bed, Christmas is probably the last thing on your mind...

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Friday 25th August 2023

What Is Next-Door Syndrome and Could It Affect Your Property Sale?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been a nosy neighbour at some point, haven’t we? A ‘for sale’ sign goes up on a property in your street, and within minutes you’re...

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Friday 18th August 2023

Why Good Property Photos Are an Essential Step in the Sales Process

It’s often said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but then (confusingly), it’s also said that first impressions count… Why are all these clichés so important? Well,...

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Sunday 13th August 2023

Buying a Property in 2023: What You Need to Know

Buying a new home is a big step that comes with lots of considerations. Finding the right property in a good location at a price you’re willing to pay isn’t...

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Saturday 5th August 2023

Thinking about Downsizing? Here are Five Things to Consider

The number of downsizers active in the housing market has skyrocketed in recent months*, and is it any wonder? With steep hikes in energy bills, interest rates and inflation, many...

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