Wednesday 10th November 2021

It’s official – Fells New Forest Property is one of the very best Estate Agents in the country!

Fells New Forest Property has been independently identified as one of the top estate agents in the country and now features in the Best Estate Agent Guide. The Best Estate...

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Wednesday 10th November 2021

Why You Should Prepare Now for a Post-Christmas Sale

In this two-minute read, we look at why getting the marketing material for your property sale finalised now is a savvy move. There’s one day of the year when the...

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Wednesday 6th October 2021

What the Latest Home Improvement Trends Say about the Property Market

In this two-minute read, we analyse what the most popular home improvement trends tell us about the market. The pandemic didn’t just trigger an exodus of city slickers moving to...

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Wednesday 8th September 2021

Now’s the Time to Sell if You Want a New Home for Christmas

A two-minute read. The summer holidays have ended. The kids are back to school, and the distractions of Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics have gone. What have we got...

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Tuesday 31st August 2021

Seven Ways to Speed Up the Sale of Your Home

In this two-minute read, we look at how sellers can fast-track property transactions. We’ve all heard horror stories about property sales that drag on for months or even years, leaving...

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Friday 7th May 2021

Join Us in Celebrating International Nurses Day

In this three-minute read, we celebrate those working in the noblest of professions – nursing. As it’s International Nurses Day next week, we thought we’d share this brilliant quote with...

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Wednesday 7th April 2021

Top Tips to Keep Calm When Selling Your Ringwood & New Forest Home

In this three-minute read, we show you how to keep calm and in control when selling your Ringwood and New Forest home. With April being one of the most popular months...

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Thursday 11th March 2021

Top Tips for Selling Your Home This Spring

In this two-minute read, we look at ways to prepare your home for a successful spring sale (part one of a two-part article). If you’re planning to put your home...

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Wednesday 3rd March 2021

BREAKING NEWS – What the Spring Budget Means for Homeowners

A two-minute read. This afternoon the Chancellor Rishi Sunak outlined his plans to get England back on track as we come out of the pandemic. Among furlough extensions, extra support...

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Friday 19th February 2021

Are We Entering the New Roaring Twenties?

‘The darkest hour is just before the dawn.’ The quote is attributed to the English theologian Thomas Fuller from 1650. It could easily be applied now, more than 370 years...

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