Monday 24th July 2023

Practical Tips for Buyers Relying on the Bank of Mum and Dad

Every year, the Bank of Mum and Dad comes to the rescue by helping tens of thousands of first-time buyers get on the housing ladder. Last year alone, 46% of...

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Wednesday 19th July 2023

A Quick Guide to Buying Your First Property

If you’re thinking about buying your first home, congratulations! You’re about to experience a huge life moment and finally have somewhere to call your own. The first-time buyer journey is...

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Friday 14th July 2023

Why a Local Estate Agent Could Add Value to Your Home

If you’re selling a property, you’ve got a big decision to make. Which estate agent do you pick? Should you go with an independent local agency or choose a big-name...

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Monday 3rd July 2023

Paint it, Clean it, Fix it: Sure-Fire Ways to Add Value to Your Property

Before selling your home, you might be thinking about ways to add value or unlock potential so buyers can get a feel for what it would be like to live...

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Monday 12th June 2023

Plants that Could Knock Thousands Off Your House Price

Post pandemic, having outside space has taken on a whole new level of importance and can add significant value to a property. But what happens when your garden oasis threatens...

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Tuesday 6th June 2023

The Benefits of Selling to a First-Time Buyer – and How to Attract Them

First-time buyers are key drivers in the property market and could be the ideal candidate to purchase your home. So, are you doing enough to target them? They might not...

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Monday 13th March 2023

Four Reasons Why Spring Is a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Spring officially starts next week, and with it comes a host of joys: longer days, trees in bud and flowers in bloom. And if you’re selling a property, there’s something...

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Thursday 29th September 2022

What Recent News Means for Ringwood Home Movers

Crisis. Turmoil. Unprecedented. These were words rarely used pre-pandemic. Now they’ve become staples of our nation’s news coverage. And this week, they have been used more than ever to report...

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Saturday 6th August 2022

Equity Release: A Great Idea Or Just Another Loan? 

Have you heard of ‘unlocking the value of your home’? Do you know what it’s all about? If you’re over 55, chances are you’ve seen or heard this phrase several...

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Thursday 21st July 2022

Estate Agent Myths: What Sellers Need to Know

How much of what you know about estate agents is really true? This three-minute read debunks a few common urban myths. The digital revolution has given rise to several assumptions...

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