Four ways homebuyers’ needs in Ringwood and the New Forest might change post lockdown

Four ways homebuyers’ needs in Ringwood and the New Forest might change post lockdown

In this two-minute read, we look at some of the things home buyers looking in Ringwood and the New Forest might want from their new properties once the lockdown is over.

Lockdowns are gradually being relaxed across many parts of Europe and the World.

These green shoots of life returning to normal give us all a little hope and optimism for the future.

And talking of the future, we’ve dusted off our crystal ball to look at how the property market in Ringwood and New Forest might change once this is all over.

It’s worth pointing out that no one knows for sure what will happen post lockdown.

But based on what we’re reading, the conversations we’re having with people and general trends in society, here are four ways people’s property buying ‘must-haves’ may change.

1. Thousands of people across Ringwood and the New Forest are now working from home.

Many are realising it doesn’t affect their productivity but does cut down on travel time and transport costs. A spare room, outbuilding or study will be firmly on many buyers’ wish lists.

2. Garden or outdoor space.

During the lockdown, those lucky enough to have a garden have seen its value and importance. Many are even trying their hand at growing their own vegetables. We expect more people will look to buy homes with gardens or with access to outdoor areas.

3. Less is more.

Sociologists are predicting a rise in minimalism – the way of life which sees people strive for less material things and reduced financial burdens. Could this lead to smaller properties becoming increasingly popular? Less stuff means less space is needed to house it.

4. Family and friends.

We’ve all taken things for granted pre-Coronavirus. Visiting the pub or coffee shop, the school run or popping to the local shops. One of the things which have been made crystal clear for many people is the importance and value of being near your family and loved ones. This could lead to a rise in people moving home to be nearer to those most special in their lives.


How do you think people’s property desires will change? What have you loved or loathed about your home during this period of lockdown?


We’d love to hear your thoughts.


Whatever happens, at Fells New Forest Property we’ve been working hard to ensure we are ready for when the lockdown ends and the property market in Ringwood and the New Forest flies back out of the blocks.


Thanks for reading and Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives and keep loving Ringwood and the New Forest.

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