How to get the best price for your house

How to get the best price for your house

How to get the best price for your house


One of the first things people ask themselves once they have decided to put their house up for sale is “What is my home worth”

The next thing they should ask is “How can I get the best price for my house”

The following tips are just simple steps to help answer, How to get the best price for your house?

House Valuation – Establish the best price for your house

It is not always best to accept the highest house valuation an estate agent offers. Some agents will quote you a high figure, just to win your business. Get two or three estate agents to put a figure on the value of your house.

Arm yourself with facts. It is possible to find out what prices houses sold for in your area from both Rightmove and Zoopla.

Solicitor’s Fees

Prepare to do some work to keep the solicitors cost down. Ask him or her to obtain the title deeds and prepare draft contracts in the early days of your house sale. Gather up all the paper work relevant to your house. This will save your solicitor time and you money.

Target Your Market

The next step in obtaining the best price for your house is to target your market. Speak to your estate agent to find out what type of person would likely to be interested in buying your house, value can be added to your house by presenting to the right potential buyers.

If your target market is a family with young children, make some of your bedrooms as child friendly as possible.

If your house appeals to young professional couples,leave a bedroom clear and point out it potential as a home office with a work station.

Market your house to the right people who will be eager to pay for what they want.

Pick The Right Time

The best time to sell a house is in the spring, February/March, and the autumn, September. In these months demand for houses is greater than the supply, so property prices are at their highest in these months.

Clear The Clutter

Your house must look good to your potential buyers. The easiest thing to do is to de-clutter your house. Remove all personal things such as family photographs from your window sills and shelves. Leave the odd impersonal items here and there, but remember people want to buy your house, not your home.

Clean and Touch Up

To obtain the best price for your house, you need to keep your costs down, but some small investment must be made. If major decoration is out of the question, some small touching up with the paint brush should be carried out. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint. Scrub and clean as much as you can; make your house sparkle.

Achieving the best price for your house will require some input from you the vendor. Be prepared to put some research and effort into the selling process. This way you will stay ahead of the competition and get the best possible price when selling your house.

We hope this article has helped answer your question, How to get the price best when selling your house. If you have any more questions regarding a property sale call us on 01425 489333 or we will offer our advice.

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