Referral Disclosure

Welcome to New Forest Property, where we prioritise transparency and integrity in all our interactions. To enhance your property experience, we collaborate with various third-party companies, including solicitors, mortgage advisors, energy providers, insurance companies, and occasionally, other service providers. It’s crucial for us to disclose these partnerships and be clear about any potential referral fees involved.

Referral Partnerships: New Forest Property may receive referral fees from our esteemed partners when you choose to engage their services through our recommendations. These fees serve as compensation for the referral and are typically paid by the referred service provider.

Types of Referral Services:

  1. Solicitors: Our network includes reputable solicitors specialising in property law to ensure a legally sound transaction.

  2. Mortgage Advisors: Access our trusted mortgage advisors to find suitable financing options tailored to your needs.

  3. Energy Providers: Transition seamlessly to your new home with our recommended energy providers for reliable services.

  4. Insurance Companies: Safeguard your property investment with comprehensive coverage from our recommended insurance providers.

  5. Other Service Providers: In addition to the mentioned categories, we may collaborate with third-party companies offering services such as home maintenance, relocation assistance, or other related services to enrich your property experience.

Our Commitment to You: While we may receive compensation for referrals, rest assured that our primary commitment is to your best interests. We choose referral partners based on their reputation, reliability, and ability to deliver excellent service.

No Obligation: You are under no obligation to use the services of our recommended partners. Our referrals are provided as a helpful guide, and you have the freedom to choose service providers independently.

Questions or Concerns: If you have any questions or concerns about our referral disclosure or the services provided by our partners, please feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Other Third-Party Companies: In our pursuit of offering comprehensive support, we may collaborate with other third-party companies beyond those mentioned here. These may include property management services, interior designers, or additional professionals who can contribute to a seamless property experience.

Referral Partners

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