Give your property kerb appeal

Give your property kerb appeal

It might be unfair, but unfortunately it is true. Most prospective buyers will have decided whether or not they like your property before they have even set foot through the door. According to a Rightmove survey of 3,000 people, 29% admitted that they made up their minds either when they first arrived or when they first set foot in the door, that’s why it’s so important to give your property kerb appeal.

Put yourself into the buyer’s shoes. What will they see when they approach your property? If you were visiting for the first time what would your first impressions be?

It is much harder for someone to view your property with an open mind if they have already decided that they don’t like it. Obviously some things are beyond your control, but you can do some simple tasks that will help improve your kerb appeal.



  • If you have a wooden front door paint it. Apparently Sarah Beeny favours a bold bright cerise pink front door, but a solid glossy black, red or blue creates a smart impression too. If you have a UPVC front door then give it a clean to remove any dirt and grime.
  • Good quality door furniture will help give your house kerb appeal. A shiny polished door knocker will feel good to use and look good too.
  • Clean sparkling windows will give your property an instant lift.
  • If the front of your house is painted, it might need freshening up in places especially if the paint is peeling. Or for an instant facelift give it a whole new coat of paint.
  • Do any exterior repairs you haven’t gotten around too. Is the guttering in place, are your fence panels in good condition, is the gate hanging off its hinges?
  • Light the way with some understated simple exterior lighting. Not only will this create ambience for evening viewings, but it is useful too.
  • Make sure the approach to the front door is tidy. Remove any garden clutter, and sweep the path, weed the path and driveway and cut back unruly bushes.
  • If you don’t have a front garden you probably have space for a planter or a window box to add some greenery or a splash of colour near your front door.
  • If you can hide rubbish bins, or at least make sure their exteriors are clean and tidy.
  • Simple, but often overlooked – don’t forget to make sure your home is clearly numbered.


If the exterior of your house looks cared for, then it follows that the interior has been as well. Just a few simple actions can make all the difference and turn a prospective buyer from being in a negative mind set when they enter your home, to a positive one.

Remember, first impressions count.

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