How to sell your garden and your house

When it comes to selling we all focus on the property, but how many of us remember to spend time getting our garden ready too? Investing time in your garden could help sell your home, and even add to the value of your property.

With a little bit of effort you can make your garden appealing all year round.

  • Trim overgrown hedges and shrubs for tidiness and to open up the garden space.
  • Paint the fences, weed the paths and declutter.
  • Mow the lawn regularly.
  • Add bursts of colour by planting up pots and containers with seasonal bedding plants.
  • Colourful hanging baskets will break up the monotony of walls. Plant with trailing lobelia or in winter pansies and evergreen shrubs.

Gardens are important to the British, with over £80 billion invested in our private gardens according to a Homebase survey. The survey found that two-fifths of Britons would not buy a property unless it had a decent garden, with a pleasant lawn being one of the key factors in convincing them to buy a house. The garden, it seems, can have a significant impact on the attractiveness of a property.

The survey also came up with the top 10 garden flowers that will help sell your house. Fill your garden with these and buyer interest might soon be blooming.

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