The importance of de-cluttering before you sell

In this article we explain the importance of de-cluttering before you sell. As the years pass every home gathers a reasonable amount of clutter. Pictures of the family, mementos of family holidays, and small objects that at some time in the past you thought would enhance your home. These objects of your affection obviously mean very much to you, but to a prospective buyer they could be a distraction.

So you should begin your de-cluttering by clearing the shelves and sills of the things that could cloud your buyer’s judgement of your house as a possible home for them. Don’t leave the room looking too bare, just leave an object or two, just enough to give your room some warmth, without looking too busy.

Once you have cleared the shelves of light objects, it will be time to start on the heavier stuff.

Start with things that are filling the space in your rooms. Children’s toys, old computers, mobile phones and any unnecessary items of furniture you haven’t much use for. The old comfortable armchair that has seen better days, or the untidy pile of records and CD’s that have been accumulating over the years without you noticing.

Books are very nice to have hanging around if you enjoy reading, but unless you have some dedicated book shelves, clear the books away. Your prospective buyer may not be a book lover; so hide those volumes away.

Sports gear and equipment are another possible turnoff for your prospect. Unless you have a room set aside as a gym, make sure all sports clothes and equipment are cleared from the other rooms.

Wardrobe space is paramount to a prospective buyer. The last thing they need to see is a wardrobe crammed with clothes, with hardly enough space to insert a sheet of paper between garments. This will give the would be buyers the impression that your home lacks the space they need for their own collection of clothes.

So out with clothes you will not need in the very near future. If you are selling in winter, pull out the chunky woollen jumpers and heavy clothes that will not be needed. Just put in the minimum off summer attire. This will give your wardrobe the appearance of having plenty of space.

Of course all this de-cluttering will tempt you to store the clutter in other places such as the garage or loft. This temptation must be avoided. The people who will be thinking of buying your house, will want to know their new home will have plenty of storage space for their clutter.

Hard as it may be much, of your clutter must be assigned to a land fill or a charity shop. Your buyers will want to see the attic and garage as a space they may want to use.

De-cluttering your house while you are selling it, does not mean a total clean sweep.

You do not need your house to look too bare and unfriendly, but you need to give your prospects enough mental space to imagine their clutter in the space you have left clear.

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