10 Tips for finding the perfect home

10 Tips for finding the perfect home

Before you embark on the adventure of finding a perfect property, simplify the process by doing some research and establishing exactly what you want (and need) from your new home.


Here are our 10 tips for finding your perfect home:


Get your mortgage agreed in principle

Knowing what your budget is before you start looking saves time wasting and disappointment. You will know exactly what price range you are working within, which will make the search much easier.


Make a list

Write down all the things that you must have and what it would be nice to have. Use this checklist to evaluate every property you view to see how many of the boxes they tick and help you make comparisons.


Be honest with your estate agent

Your estate agent can only work with the information you give them. If you know exactly what you do and don’t want, share that information. The more your agent knows, the more likely they are to show you potentially perfect properties.


Be open-minded

When you view a property think about its potential. Visualise your furniture and belongings in the rooms. Think about how you would use the space. Consider whether updated décor would change how you feel about it, or whether there is scope to renovate more extensively. Just because it doesn’t look perfect, doesn’t mean it can’t be perfect.


Check out the area

Do you like the area? Does it have shops, schools, leisure facilities that meet your needs? What would the commute to work be like?


Visit more than once

Visit the property and the neighbouring area at different times of the day. This will give you a real feel for the area and your potential neighbours.


Compare similar properties

If you find a location and property you like, are their other properties in the area for sale? How do they compare? Don’t discount neighbouring properties, there could be some significant differences in layout, space and even price.


Plan for the future

Will a property meet your needs in 5, 10 or 15 years? It is worth thinking about how long you plan living there, to determine whether it will work for you and your family in the future. Whilst you shouldn’t buy with resale at the top of your list, it is worth considering as part of your future planning.


Consider the trade-offs

A perfect home is a rare find. If you find a property that is nearly perfect consider the trade-offs and see if they are actually opportunities. For example, your perfect home might be close to a busy road, but that could mean a reduced purchase price – would that make a difference to you?


Does it feel like home?

When you view a property trust how your gut instinct. Many people say they can ‘feel’ when a property is right for them. If you can see yourself living there, then chances are you have found your perfect home.


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