Achieving the emotional value of your home

Emotional value of your home

When you’re thinking about moving home, asking the question ‘how much can I sell my property for?’ is probably top of the list.


Many factors can influence the value of your home; there are logical facts and figures, and then there are emotional and personal influences on your prospective buyers. As your estate agent, it’s essential that we consider all of these when selling your home and how to achieve the emotional value of your home.


The logical price of your home

To reach a logical value for your property, we investigate the sale of similar homes that have recently sold in your area. Specifically, we look at the sold prices of neighbouring properties and how they compare to yours. We also consider the current market conditions; which homes are in demand, what are buyers looking for, what isn’t selling and why.


All of this information is gathered and evaluated against your property, enabling us to make a realistic estimation of how much your property is worth and giving you the ‘logical price’ for selling.


The emotional price of your home

However, the logical price doesn’t take into account the immeasurable value a buyer might place on your home for personal and emotional reasons. This ‘emotional price’ is difficult to quantify as it will vary from buyer to buyer, but helping your property connect on an emotional level will be what drives them to make their maximum offer.


How to get the best price for your home

Encouraging buyers to offer an ‘emotional price’ because they ‘absolutely have to’ have your property, means you have to stand out from the crowd. Three houses identical in layout and amenities could all achieve very different prices depending on how they are presented and marketed. As your estate agent there are four key things that we consider essential:


  • Getting ready to sell – identify the jobs that will make a big difference, g. little repair jobs, a top to bottom clean, disguising the bins.


  • Having kerb appeal – ‘drive by’ buyers must want to book a viewing, so your property needs to get their attention for all the right reasons. We have lots of tips for increasing your kerb appeal here.


  • Professional photography – showcasing your home attractively and honestly with high quality photography.


  • Engaging your buyers – with an impactful marketing plan giving your home maximum exposure using all the tools online (Rightmove, Zoopla and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter) and offline available.


The best price for your home will be a combination of the logical price and the emotional price a buyer is willing to pay, but to achieve it your home needs to stand out from the crowd and connect with your buyers. Our bespoke tailored service will help you make the most of your home’s potential value, give us a call on 01425 489333; we’d be delighted to discuss how we could help you.

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