Monday 30th December 2019

How to make your resolutions last in 2020

In this 2-minute read, we look at how you can make your New Year resolutions last longer and why there’s one big lifestyle change we’re experts at helping you stick...

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Monday 23rd December 2019

Thanks to all of Ringwood’s Christmas Heroes

In this 90 second read, we give thanks to those in our community who work and volunteer over the Christmas season. Christmas Time, Mistletoe and W…wait, perhaps we won’t go...

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Monday 16th December 2019

Our Free Christmas Gift to Children in Ringwood

In this 90 second read, we announce our free giveaway of a sold-out children’s book and the difference it is making to young lives. Breaking news ……We’ve teamed up with...

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Friday 13th December 2019

What the Election Results Mean for the Ringwood Property Market

In this 60-second read, we take a very quick look at what happened last night and what it means to the property market in Ringwood. Here is a Non-party political...

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Monday 9th December 2019

Who Wants to be a Christmas Millionaire?

In this two-minute read, we share some of the jaw-dropping amounts of cash millionaires splash out when celebrating Christmas. And, why they’re probably wasting their money. Everyone celebrates Christmas in...

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Monday 2nd December 2019

Why Boxing Day is Brilliant for Savvy Home Sellers

In this two-minute read, we unwrap the staggering statistics and reasons which make Boxing Day more than just a time for food, family and friends. Picture the scene -It’s the...

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Monday 25th November 2019

Beware of the Black Friday Scams

In this two-minute read, we explain why the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday has cybercriminals rubbing their hands with glee. And we reveal four ways you can protect yourself...

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Monday 18th November 2019

Start Planning Now for a Plastic-less Christmas

In this two-minute read, we explore ways we can all reduce the amount of plastic we use this festive period. And we’ve got a cracker of an idea for you...

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Monday 11th November 2019

Why the property market in Ringwood never sleeps

In this two-minute read, we pull back the covers to see why the property market in Ringwood has insomnia and discover that’s no bad thing for local property owners. PLUS,...

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Tuesday 6th August 2019

Achieving the emotional value of your home

When you’re thinking about moving home, asking the question ‘how much can I sell my property for?’ is probably top of the list. Many factors can influence the value of...

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