June 2023

Plants that Could Knock Thousands Off Your House Price

Post pandemic, having outside space has taken on a whole new level of importance and can add significant value to a property. But what happens when your garden oasis threatens the chance of selling your home? Some lush green plants might look nice but could signal trouble for a house sale. In this quick read, we look at the plants that may impact your selling price. Japanese Knotweed The number one...

The Benefits of Selling to a First-Time Buyer

The Benefits of Selling to a First-Time Buyer – and How to Attract Them

First-time buyers are key drivers in the property market and could be the ideal candidate to purchase your home. So, are you doing enough to target them? They might not have the instant allure of a cash buyer, but dig a little deeper, and it quickly becomes clear that first-time buyers (FTBs) have an awful lot going for them. In fact, they could be the best option when it comes to finding a buyer. So,...

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