April 2015

Relocating to Ringwood

Relocating to Ringwood

Relocating to Ringwood If you are thinking of moving home and relocating to the Hampshire/Dorset area, then look no further than relocating to Ringwood. A market town on the doorstep of The New Forest, at a crossing point of the River Avon, it is rural and yet well connected. Ringwood’s proximity to the A31 makes it an ideal choice for those that want to enjoy a more rural lifestyle on the south...

How does the General Election affect your property?

Traditionally the housing market can be slow before a General Election, and pick up again immediately after. According to housing analysts at the broker Jefferies, who have studied the last seven UK elections, the four months preceding an election have typically seen house prices 3-8% below the level seen at the time of an election. It is the uncertainty of the outcome of an election that has...

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