A Feelgood Friday Update for People in Ringwood

A Feelgood Friday Update for People in Ringwood

In this 2-minute update we share a quick round-up of some of the good news which is happening during these tough times.

Welcome to what will be a regular Feelgood Friday update from us at Fells New Forest Property.

For every episode of selfish panic buying in Ringwood, there are a dozen more examples of selfless behaviour, random acts of kindness and generous community spirit.

We’re in the strangest and most surreal period of modern history.

But it’s in these darkest of times many people can, and do, shine their brightest lights.

And here are five reasons to be cheerful and optimistic that Ringwood, the UK and indeed the World, will pull through this testing period.

Clap for Carers

It was amazing and moving last night at 8 pm to see and hear people across the UK come out of their front doors and applaud the heroes of the NHS.

The Volunteer Army

On Tuesday, Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, initially issued a request for 250,000 people to give their time to help the 1.5 million vulnerable people who have to self-isolate for 12 weeks. More than 500,000 people signed up for this volunteer army in just 24 hours. And that number is growing fast.

Rainbow Nation

Hundreds of home-schooled kids across Ringwood have been spreading a little cheer this week by drawing and colouring in rainbows. These rainbows have been put in the windows of homes across the community to give a little lift to passers-by.

Ringwood Coronavirus Assistance Group

The fantastic Ringwood Coronavirus Assistance Group has been setup by local resident, John Haywood. The group has really pulled together the community within Ringwood to help anyone in need at this time. They also have setup a phone line for assistance which is 01425 542031, they can also be found here: https://ringwood-coronavirus.org.uk/

Our Community Cares

We have heard of lots of lovely stories of kindness, compassion and generosity across Ringwood. It makes us proud to serve this community, and as a local business, we are doing all we can to do our bit.

Please send or share with us your examples of local heroes. It could be a video of your street applauding the NHS, your children’s rainbows or something positive done locally that you’ve heard about.

And Finally

If you get a chance, check out the adorable video of two puppies exploring an aquarium in the USA which is closed to humans, due to you know what.

Here’s a link to the video (copy and paste it into your browser):


Please, please remember that wherever possible we need to: Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives.

Thanks, and stay safe.

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