5 ways to make buyers fall in love with your house

How do you get buyers to fall in love with your house when you put it up for sale?

What can you do to turn a would be suitor into a love struck starry eyed lover?

The answer is in the same way you would approach attracting a person that had caught your eye.

Although they may not be aware of it, prospective buyers will be looking at your house in the same way they would be looking at someone who was trying to capture their heart.

With this in mind you must prepare your house for this first meeting as you would get yourself ready for a first date.

And of course you would want to look your best on your first meeting with your prospective new partner.

First impressions count

That of course is a cliché, but true none the less. First impressions do count.

  • The first thing your prospective buyer will see is the front of your house.
  • So it is important that first thing they see is a bright, friendly and smiling face.
  • To achieve this, give the front door a fresh lick of paint.
  • Make sure the curtains are clean and fresh and the windows clean and glistening.

Make the front of your house smile and say “welcome. I am so pleased to see you”.

Keep it light and friendly

The same rules for the outside apply to the inside of your house.

  • Make sure the hall area is free of coats, boots and shoes.
  • Keep the whole area neat and tidy.
  • Apply the same rule to the rest of the rooms in your house
  • Remove any large cumbersome furniture from rooms to create the appearance of space.
  • Make sure there is lots of light coming in through the windows.

You want your house to appear light, friendly and appealing to your would be buyer.

Keep it clean

This is your house’s first date with its prospective new owner. You want it to be clean and fresh look, as you would want be on a first date.

  • Make sure all work surfaces are spotlessly clean.
  • Floors must be washed and polished.
  • Carpets must be clean and stain free.
  • Mirrors must be clear and sparkling.

Keep it neat

Your home must not look overdressed.

  • Clear the shelves and window sills of clutter.
  • Remove family photographs and mementos, and anything else that may distract your buyer.
  • Leave some small neutral ornaments that add some allure to your home.

You want your home to look neat and well dressed, without looking ostentatious.

Make over and manicure

Think of the garden as your home’s hair and nails, and give it a manicure and make over.

  • Make sure the flower beds are well kept and weed free.
  • Ensure any garden furniture is clean.
  • Remove any garden implements and tools.
  • Trim any hedges and mow the lawn.
  • Make sure all paths are clean, and clear of any obstacles’.

All of the above recommendations are just a few things you could do to make prospective buyers fall in love with your house. If you would like more advice about selling your property you can request a valuationor call us on 01425 489333.

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